John Spilker

Junco parents feeding chicks

I’m sorry to say this story doesn’t have a happy ending. A pair of juncos built a nest in a planter on our front porch a few weeks ago. I occasionally shot video of the parents feeding their chicks. Some 30 minutes after I shot this last segment, I believe crows raided the nest and […]

Unbelievable spawning event in Kelsey Creek.. Hundreds, if not thousands of peamouth, spawned today after a smaller event Saturday. At times, I felt I could walk across the stream on the backs of the fish. They jockeyed for the best places in the stream. I suspect there may be another event later in the spring. […]

Speeding up DeNoise, Lightroom and Photoshop with a High-end Graphics Card

  This post was written for an Eastside Audubon Photography Group meeting.  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write up this information about graphics cards. This was a much more difficult subject than I anticipated. The key problem is the cards are in short supply and appear to have more than doubled in […]