Junco parents feeding chicks

I’m sorry to say this story doesn’t have a happy ending. A pair of juncos built a nest in a planter on our front porch a few weeks ago. I occasionally shot video of the parents feeding their chicks. Some 30 minutes after I shot this last segment, I believe crows raided the nest and took the four-day-old chicks and one remaining egg. The junco parents chirped frantically for several minutes but then left.

In the video, you can see the parent feeding a bug to the chicks in slow motion. I believe juncos can’t see for several days after birth.
The whole event felt sad but that’s how nature works. One creature’s loss is another’s gain.

Another family of juncos appears to be nesting in another planter on the other side of our house. Hopefully, this goes better. We don’t appear to have a shortage of junco so they must be doing something right.


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