About John Spilker


I am a retired Microsoft website manager who has worked on the web for some 25 years. Earlier in my life, I was a daily newspaper reporter for close to a decade. Somewhere in between, I ran a publishing business in the Seatle area for about 10 years. I earned degrees in journalism and history, specializing in U.S. WW II studies.

John Spilker at the Skip Barber school in Sebring, Florida
John Spilker at the Skip Barber school in Sebring, Florida

I was born and raised in Montreal. After graduating from university, I went as far west as I could—Anchorage, Alaska to be exact. After working at the Anchorage Times newspaper for a couple of years, I headed south to the Seattle area where I’ve lived for some three decades.

I have literally thought about car racing every day of the last half-century, but I hate to admit I haven’t attended a race in decades. My fascination with the sport started when I attended the 1967 Grand Prix of Monaco when I was 14 years old. My family lived in France that year. This race gave me my one and only opportunity to see Jim Clark drive. The race was won by Dennis Hulme and was instrumental in his winning the 1967 World Championship. Unfortunately, the race was marred by the fatal accident of Lorenzo Bandini.

Later that year, I saw the closing laps of the French Grand Prix (long story) and witnessed reigning World Champion Jack Brabham take the checkered flag.

I was hooked on the sport. The cars were sleek, powerful, and exciting. The drivers were tough, self-assured, and approachable. Perhaps the line that summed up that generation the best was Denny Hulme’s frequent saying about his car the day before a race: “She’ll be alright”.

I never had dreams of being a driver, but motor racing was the foundation for my love of photography and to a certain extent my desire to be a reporter. I have taken a few racing classes at the Skip Barber School at Laguna Seca and Sebring.

Before I go, Here’s a Few Things I’d Like to Do

  • Drive a Lola T70
  • Drive at Brands Hatch
  • Attend a Goodwood Revival
  • Buy a Lotus Cortina 

Some Races I’ve Attended


  • Grand Prix of Monaco
  • Grand Prix of France
  • Brands Hatch Club Event (August )


  • 6 Hours of Watkins Glen
  • Canadian Grand Prix (Mont Tremblant)


  • Mont Tremblant Can-Am
  • Watkins Glen Can-Am


  • Mont Tremblant Can-Am
  • Canadian Grand Prix (Mont Tremblant)


  • Mont Tremblant Can-Am
  • Mont Tremblant Trans Am
  • Candian Grand Prix (Mosport)


  • Mosport Can-Am
  • Canadian Grand Prix (Mosport)


  • Mosport Can-Am
  • Canadian Grand Prix (Mosport)


  • 24 Hours of Daytona